Monitoring Through Many Eyes


The Monitoring Through Many Eyes project is a collaboration between scientists, data analysts and marine explorers, working together to document, analyse and predict the health of the Great Barrier Reef. The aim is to tap into the power of ‘Citizen Scientists’ by collating thousands of underwater images take by recreational divers and snorkelers on the Reef each year.

The web-based interface provides a way for citizens to review images and contribute to the final dataset used to monitor the health of the Reef. Virtual Reality interfaces accessed via smartphones, and a traditional website, enable anyone with an internet connection to immerse themselves in the Reef and get involved.

How to Help the Reef


Help analyse underwater photos and 360 degree images submitted by other users so that this information can be used predict Reef health.


Submit photos and 360 degree images you have taken on your trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Your photos are then available for review by you or other citizens.. coming soon!